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There are times when many variables favor the market. I believe that the economy is as good as it can get, considering the ill effect of tariffs. Read Full Post
The main character, Jesse Livermore, was a famous speculator in the first half of the 20th century. Jesse made and lost many fortunes in the financial markets.  Read Full Post
Staring into the potential abyss, investors are hoping they have dodged a bullet. September has historically been the weakest month of the year. The last week of September is especially challenging. We maintain our cautious stance, though we look to become more constructive as October passes. Read Full Post
What does all of this have to with the US stock market? Read Full Post
“I was really interested in markets from a young age…I always seemed to have a knack for handling money.” Read Full Post
The big guy, Arnold, had been just where I expected him to be. He was chillin’ on the upstream side of a dead log. The perfect place for a big cutthroat trout to be, just out of the current on a nice seam. Read Full Post
We did not plan it to happen, or did we? Read Full Post
There is an old Kenny Rogers song from 1979, “The Gambler”. I must have heard it a million times at my mother’s house. Read Full Post
“Mind the gap”, is a phrase used with the commuter trains in London to bring attention to the irregular spaces between the cars on the train. Read Full Post
The big picture has improved dramatically over the last few weeks. The market has stormed back from the December 24, 2018 lows. Read Full Post
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