The Vista Investment Partner Model

We believe our clients are our mission. It's the way we work... and live.

Early in my career, I realized the client was my employer, regardless of what my payroll check said. We believe that we work for the client.

The second of our principles that I was fortunate to hear early in my career at Dean Witter Reynolds from a lovely gray-haired gentleman who wore red suspenders, is “DWR, Do What is Right.” I have never forgotten that.

When Vista Investment Partners was formed in 2009, Integrity and Ethics as a strong moral code was the foundation of what we wanted to accomplish. We wanted to work with like-minded advisors who wanted to give their clients the best portfolio management available, and the most sound financial advice possible.

We believe service, integrity and ethics are more important than our bottom line growth.

If you have similarly aligned values, a clear compliance record and a desire to grow in a disciplined environment, contact Kim @ Vista Investment Partners.