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Beautiful Day!


Spring was busting out everywhere as I drove to my final destination of Flippin, Arkansas. Everything was so darn green!

The break was welcomed after being home for the last 9-10 weeks.

Beautiful day! The first day fishin’ was incredible and warm. Just a touch cool when the breeze came by. The house we rented sat perfectly perched above the White River. I had been to fish the White River 5 years before and my memories of the previous trip were warm. I had little idea of the experience I was about to enjoy.

The guide was reserved well before the outbreak of the Corona virus pandemic. The guide, Nathaniel, is a soft spoken younger man. He said just enough to keep the conversation moving. He knows the water and he knows the fish. That is what we needed - a man who could lead us to the fish. It would be up to us to catch them! And we did!

We caught so many trout: Browne Trout, Rainbow Trout, Cutthroat Trout, big ones and little ones. Frequently, the Double, where both anglers had a “fish on” simultaneously. Beautiful Day!

Those who read these missives regularly know what is coming; It reminds me of a song by U2! Beautiful day! Great song:

“The heart is a bloom
Shoots up through the stony ground
There’s no room
No space to rent in this town”

“It’s a beautiful day
Sky falls, you feel like
It’s a beautiful day
Don’t let it get away”

The perfect day. It was followed by a cold, rainy day. Miserable conditions for the average fishing fan. Did I mention...I Love being outdoors. Maybe attitude is not important. I err on the side of, it matters. I shared with my boat partner for the day, “I Love fishin’ in the rain”. He asked, “why?” and I responded, “It helps me feel alive. Do you feel the cold? Do you feel the rain? Are you wet? I feel alive!”

So, how is he going to tie this into the market? We discussed the panic sell-off a few weeks ago. We said it would end and then there would be a relief rally. After the relief rally, the market would get choppy again. We are at that point - be patient. It will end in a couple of weeks.

The end of the fishin’ story? I just hoped to catch one fish that day. When I did, everything after that was a bonus. I was very fortunate that day and caught close to 30 trout. It was a beautiful day.

We believe the sun will shine again on the market, and the US economy.

Be safe, and good health.

Enjoy the day…r2