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Cabo Dreamin'


Sun, beach, gentle waves coming in caressing the shore, surf fishing…By the way, surf fishing is fishing within a few hundred yards of the shore where the waves roll on to the shore and many species of fish come to feed. Back to dreaming… watching the whales frolic in the Sea of California, a beautiful view from our room at the hacienda, great food…my engagement, a beautiful moment for Dina and me at brunch.

Then we came back.

A violent selloff, characteristic of a bull market that had just ended. As the dust began to settle and reality set in, I feel anxious. So, I began my weekly research process. What I found was a “normal” correction. The market had begun to focus on the interest rates moving higher and hints of inflation. What the market forgot was the best beat rate on earnings since the 3rd quarter of 2006. That is over 11 years. In addition, one of the laggards, the revenue beat rate was the highest since the 4th quarter of 2004. That is over 13 years. Ah, that is why the market has been so strong.

Europe is cooling down. However, the bulk of our economic indicators is accelerating. It still feels like it is early in this bull market.

“Stock market investing should be systematic, therefore repeatable.” – Warren Buffet

Have a disciplined strategy, including a disciplined sell strategy… Enjoy the ride!