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Cottonwood Creek


The trip in March was to be the last ski trip of the season to Jackson Hole. My friend, and occasional fishing guide Martin called. “Are you going fishing?”

     A record year for snowfall, just shy of 600 inches at the ski area. It was a strange question I thought. Who would be fishing in such weather? 

    “When the temperatures start getting up to 30 degrees, and the ice melts off the Snake, the fish are hungry,” he said.

    It never occurred to me that fishing would be possible in March. My memory of the last outing is a trip to Cottonwood Creek, is a late summer day. It was warm, maybe the mid-80s. I remember the hike down was probably about 3 miles. My friend David and I were super stoked to get to explore. It did not disappoint.

   Beautiful Aspen Trees. A phenomenal view of the Tetons. The Snake River so clear you could see the gravel on the bottom. Cottonwood Creek, winding down from the foot of the Tetons. The clearest air you have ever breathed. Late afternoon dumpling clouds collecting.

   We did not catch big fish. We just enjoyed exploring a new place. It was fantastic. That is my memory of Cottonwood Creek.

  “I am not sure”,  I said to Martin.

    Why I am I reluctant to lean into something new? Particularly when I have had a good experience in the past. This moment of risk and trust that repeats itself in large and small ways.

    There are times when stepping into the unknown is too much. I must trust my heart. Much like the current situations in the markets. Too much uncertainty. The Federal Reserve has raised rates in the most aggressive way in 50 years. It has been effective; inflation is coming down. A recession looms according to almost everyone, including the Federal reserve. It is not time in my estimation to increase risk, yet. The time will come.

   The weekend ski trip passed. I enjoyed skiing immensely. The snow was nice.

   The fishing trip postponed, until another day. Perhaps, when the conditions are right. Warm.

   There will be a time for more risk in the market. When the Federal Reserve begins to lower rates we will be closer. That has not occurred yet.

    I am reminded of the decision to go to Cottonwood Creek. There were many factors on our side. A late summer day, warm. Clear water. Remote, so the trout were not under pressure. It worked out. So did the decision to wait for summer.

    We wait for the better conditions.

            Enjoy the day…r2