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Happy Solstice Day + 1


So, Happy Solstice Day + 1! The significance of this observation - summer is on the way. Yea! The shortest day of the year just passed but winter will be with us a for a couple more months. That is fine armed with the knowledge the days are getting longer. I feel the sun light deprivation and I am just not as chipper as I normally feel. What a trying year 2020 has been.

The beginning of the year was so promising, the market was at all-time highs, and the economy was showing signs of acceleration. Then, boom! The pandemic hit. The best adjective, holy cow? In my 36 year career, I have seen nothing like it. I have seen bear markets: 1987, 9/11 and the Great Financial Crisis. I have also seen bull markets longer than a decade. Just never have I seen what has happened this year - all within 10 months. Throw in a hotly contested election, social unrest and quarantines. Wow! No wonder we are all tired.

Congratulations, 2020 in almost over.

I am reminded of an old sailor’s story. On my first deep sea fishing excursion, I decided to go below as a nearby storm was causing big swells in the ocean. It must have been clear that I was not feeing particularly well, when an old sailor followed me below. He told me how sailors, when feeling seasick have always made their way to the deck to look to the horizon. While that doesn’t prevent the pitch and drop of the waves in the storm, it is somehow less upsetting if the larger context is kept in view.

I have kept this wisdom close to me when pitched in a storm. In truth whether facing a bear market or riding out a storm, it is somehow less upsetting if the larger context is kept in view. My greatest pains and fears have been lessened when I have managed to keep the largest sense of life before me like a horizon.

This is the difference between despair and faith, between the narrow point of doubt and a view long enough to sustain. It seems we suffer more when huddled below, the horizon doesn’t remove us from our storms but it does make things bearable.

Thanks to Solstice Day + 1, for reminding me summer will return. Thanks to our clients for helping me to see the horizon. The US economy will rebound, calmer seas ahead.

Enjoy the day…r2