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Social distancing in WY


What is happening? It seems like everywhere you look the news is very negative. We have been through a trying time this spring: The Corona virus, the market crash and the economy being put into a coma. Breathe…

WY is great. There is so much to do outside; fly-fishing, hiking, cycling and National Parks. It was great to get outdoors and feel the cool air. I went fishing - the fish won, but I also won. I won because I got to do something I love, and for a while, I let go of all that is going on in the world. The world will be fine. Those Tetons will be here long after I am gone. The Snake River will be here long after I am gone. The news cycle did not seem to be affecting the half a dozen moose I saw.

My suggestion is stop watching the news. I first suggested this to my client, whose name was Cecil. I met Cecil in 1987. He was quite upset with the devastation of a 30%+ correction in the market. He did not know what to do with his portfolio. At that time there was one 24-hour news channel, CNN (Cable News Network). Cecil was watching it every day. He was following every turn. He was becoming depressed.

When Cecil contacted me, he asked if I could help with his portfolio. I said I could with one condition, that he mute the TV so he could not hear what the commentators were saying. Cecil agreed. That began a 30+ year relationship.

Cecil started playing more golf. He spent more time with his family. He was freed of the bondage of the news cycle. His investment portfolio had better discipline. He also had better returns in his portfolio.

Today, we have endless news. It is my opinion that we are seeing far too much trauma. Our brain was just created to see the things we are seeing daily. Again, my suggestion, be mindful of what you watch. Go outside. See the grandchildren, your children, and do things that bring you pleasure. Dr. Fauci says the Corona virus will subside. Science is catching up. We have testing and 5 different companies zeroing in on a vaccine.

Go have some fun but be mindful of social distancing, it will help reduce the spread of the virus sooner. Go fishing? Maybe not, the fish won this time. I also won. Refreshed.

Enjoy the day…r2