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Vista Investment Partners long-time employee, Mindy Parsons to retire.

My first thought and feeling is one of gratitude. I am grateful for you my dear friend; my friend who has walked with me, toiled with me, and cried with me. My friend who has laughed with me and experienced great joy with me – Thank you!

It has been a great run from the offices of Shearson Lehman Hutton to the vision of Vista Investment Partners and its realization. We were thrown together by circumstance and it was clear to me that you were a hard worker often staying late to complete the tasks of the day. I appreciated that in a fellow employee - I too, worked far beyond the normal business hours.

The long and winding path took us through the halls of Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley. We found a home in the boutique firm, Raymond James, our partner today.

We ran and trained for multiple marathons together. We said “goodbye” to many of our furry friends, horses, dogs, and a cat. We recovered from injuries, back, calves, shoulders and more. Our hearts have been broken and healed. We knew when each of us needed time, just time to heal and time to think. We have shared “a time that needs no confirmation.”

We have climbed mountains literally and figuratively – in Colorado and here in Oklahoma, both professionally and personally. We have made mistakes, falling along the trail. When exhausted we close our minds like tired eyes and surrender our hearts. We come upon a source where nothing need be approved or accepted, where no rejection need be overcome. The experience itself is all the authority we need. The experience is Love – thank you for helping me when I have fallen. My hope is that I have made your path be a little bit better, a bit softer and warmer.

Thank you for your work at Vista Investment Partners – thank you my dear friend…

Love, r2


Please join me in congratulating Mindy Parsons on her retirement after 29 years with r2 and finally with Vista Investment Partners!!