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WY part 2


The trip to WY this year had many memorable moments. The memories include catching many trout and missing many trout. I had the privilege of monitoring the progress on the construction of the Wilson Project but, the richest part was seeing friends, and family enjoy WY.

We arrived in WY after having decided to spend some time in Dubois fishing the Wind River - it was fantastic. I caught the first fish of the day about 10 casts into the evening. It was a beautiful Cutthroat. Fish on!

The next day we fished Horse Creek, 10 miles north of Dubois, WY. It was just the setting I have come to enjoy in WY - a quiet little campground, next to a lazy creek just begging to be explored. My friend and I hiked up the creek a mile or so and found some really great water for trout at a little bend in the creek, with a couple of trees downed - perfect trout habitat and it was very productive. We were excited to arrive that evening in Teton county. It could only get better on the Snake River.

The drive over to Grand Teton National Park is beautiful even though we did notice there was some smoke in the air. We were disappointed when we approached the pass that opens to Moran, WY and the first full view of the Tetons - the smoke was so thick you could not see the Tetons. I had checked the forecast, there was no rain anticipated. Bummer! The beauty of the place I have come to Love, masked with smoke for the foreseeable future. I did my little rain dance, and prayer - probably won’t work.

The guests began arriving, and I was almost apologetic for the smoke. Then I realized the smoke was endangering lives in northern California, Oregon, and later Montana. My thought turned to the well-being of others, and their safety. If only there was a way the weathermen could be wrong, and maybe we would get enough rain to stop the fires - maybe just slow them down. Teton County was exceptionally dry as well.

Another fire broke out in Montana, this one close enough to threaten Teton County. And then, out of nowhere, rain. It was not enough to stop the fires, but it helped. The air in Teton County cleared and it was beautiful. We could see it had snowed at the higher elevations. Breathtaking.

The trip was awesome, we caught a lot of Cutthroat trout. There were some really big ones, mostly caught by my friends. Important ones, caught by other friends. I have been blessed and I caught an important lesson, as well as a few trout. The trout were beautiful - the lesson poignant.

When I see the world from a broader perspective than my own narrow view - the good for all, above the good from my perspective then things change. My friend said, “things don’t have to go your way, they can go better.”

The snow as we were leaving, really helped with the fires as well. I lost a day of fishing, but I will return. Hopefully, the fires will be out. The fish will still be there.

As I turn my attention to the market, I am reminded of Old Turkey’s quote from “Reminiscences of a Stock Operator” by Edward Laferve, 1923. “You know we are in a Bull market?” Old Turkey is schooling the young Jesse Livermore on the market. Old Turkey is sharing the base from which all analysis must come, whether we are in a Bull Market, or a Bear Market.

Sometimes, the news cycle gets a bit “smokey”, or there are flurries of snow. There can be a host of distractions but I believe the economy is on the mend. The market has had a historic recovery. It may get bumpy for a while. The election is definitely some smoke by both candidates. The beginning of the analysis, clearly, we are in a Bull Market. I think this Bull has 5-6 years to run!

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Enjoy the day…r2