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Interview with Stasia Veramallay-Hodges


Stasia Veramallay-Hodges. Financial Advisor. Daughter. Member of the Friends of the Morrisson-Reeves Library Board. Hoosier. Church Volunteer. Member of the Chancellor of Indiana University East’s Advisory Board. Mother. Girl Scout Troop Leader. Woman of Color. Member of the Board of Directors for the Wayne County Chamber of Commerce. Friend. Youth Soccer Coach. 

You get the idea. The titles that Veramallay-Hodges holds could fill up this entire paper, and all of the boards she is on could add another two. 

Veramallay-Hodges was born in Guyana, South America with ancestry from India. She believes that is a major part of why she is involved the way she is. 

“For me to have the first year of my life there means I was never alone. It was never just me and my parents; I was probably in someone’s arms every minute, even while sleeping.”

Throughout her entire life, Veramallay-Hodges has always been active in her community. In high school, her parents wanted her to focus more on school work because she was constantly dedicating her time to other causes. 

“It was not as if I got bad grades at all, but I was so busy spending time in my extra-curricular activities…Whether it was Girl Scouts, student council, Key club, Hugh O’Brian Youth Foundation, or church youth group, I was always doing something.”

As the years have increased, so has the community engagement for Veramallay-Hodges. Now, even more family-oriented than ever before, she has expanded her interests and commitments. Many people would argue that by doing so she is taking time away from her family, but Veramallay-Hodges disagrees.

“I am involved with things that involve youth because I do have a daughter; this allows me to spend time that we will be able to bond and build a strong mother-daughter foundation together which is a slam-dunk.”

Her motivation comes from wanting to give back to the people she is constantly surrounded by. As long as she is able to, Veramallay-Hodges will strive for the betterment of her community.

“For me, what is fulfilling is to see other people be happy, and I will do what I can to be a bright spot for others.”

Written by Jenna Barker, VIP Intern